Functional Medicine

You are not your symptoms!


Our osteopath Daniel Baines M. Ost enjoys an ongoing mentorship ( continual training) with Certified Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr Stewart Gillespie https://functionalmedicineservices.com/dr-stewart-gillespie/


Daniel's key areas of study so far have been the immune system, the nervous system and the thyroid. 


Functional medicine is the future of medicine. It has the ability to scientifically uncover the true underlying causes of chronic diseases, not studied by conventional doctors, and correct these through nutritional and natural methods. 


Functional medicine is not about treating the disease or the presenting problems. You are not your symptoms. Your symptoms are merely clues that are whispering to you (sometimes very loudly) that you need to go back in time to understand what has led you here. If you took your car to the garage with a red light flashing on the dashboard you would be somewhat disappointed if the mechanic simply disconnected the light and said “problem solved it doesn’t flash anymore,” yet this is exactly what we do with our health every day!

Dan's Five Categories for Functional illness:

  1. Illnesses: Infections, viruses, parasites, hospitalisations, and surgeries

  2. Stresses: Family, school, work, relationships

  3. Toxins: Heavy metals, moulds.

  4. Food sensitivities and recurring allergies

  5. Medications past and present: corticosteroids, antibiotics, etc what were they for and did they help?


Whether he is working mechanically with muscles and joints, or looking under the 'bonnet' with a functional medicine approach, Dan begins with a thorough case history. He will ask himself,  "Where did things start to unravel for you? What pushed you off centre, and then how did life accumulate on top of this?" Dan looks for the root cause/causes of an inflammatory cascade which can then effect hormones, pain, digestion, mood and immunity. IBS, fibromyalgia or thyroid issues are dealt with the same way.​