Anatomy in Motion & Movement therapy - 

'a breakthrough in treating pain'

Daniel Baines M.OST, osteopath at Jane Reynolds and Associates is an Anatomy in Motion (AiM) practitioner.

What is Anatomy in Motion (AiM)?

Anatomy in Motion is a movement-based approach that focusses on correcting the way you move when walking. It assesses and alters your movements by creating safe and novel experiences for your body to explore. AiM is the ever-evolving brainchild of Gary Ward. Its aim is to unlock the incredible potential that lies within every human body. By observing the body movement during walking it is possible to identify joints, muscles, and postures that are being compromised with every step we take. Alongside a thorough case history, it is then possible to paint a picture as to why there is a pain in the system and what is needed to eliminate the cause. 


How can it help me?

Some of your pain is likely to be linked to the way you walk or run. Improving your movement helps your body return to a balanced and pain-free state and freedom of movement.

It is as if the body has forgotten how to use certain patterns and it just needs a gentle reminder that movement would be so much easier in a slightly improved way.