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Hip & Thigh Pain

Pain in the outside of the hip joint, at the side of the top of your leg is usually caused by the muscles there. If so, it will be made worse by walking, standing and other exercise. Sometimes the muscle has become weak. It may be compensating for painful or limited lower back movements. Other times it has been strained by an altered position of the leg, knee or foot. This can be effectively treated with a quick assessment of your leg position when standing and walking, deep massage of the leg and hip muscles, trigger point therapy and/or medical acupuncture. Osteopathy will assist the hip joint itself, along with some self-stretching at home.


Pain in the outside of the hip joint, at the side of the top of your leg which is there when you lie on it only, is likely to be caused by bursitis at the top of the leg bone. This can easily be diagnosed and lifestyle changes, osteopathy plus stretching will relieve the problem.


Arthritis of the hip bones (that is, the bones at the top of the leg formed by a ball and socket) cause pain in the groin if inflamed or arthritic. This pain sometimes spreads down towards the knee. Generalised aching of the hips or sharp pains on walking, stair climbing and standing is usually caused by arthritis. This can be assisted with osteopathy and/or medical acupuncture as well as some stretching.


Sciatica, which is inflammation of a major nerve in the lower back, can sometimes be experienced as outer hip pain. This can usually be relieved with osteopathy for the low back.


Do not ignore a deep aching in the groin, especially if it is worse at night. There are certain conditions that can cause this that need medical attention, so consult an osteopath or your GP as soon as possible if you are suffering from this.

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