The Perrin Technique™
for Chronic Fatigue Syndromes
and post-viral syndromes including
Long Covid

Long COVID, M.E., and Other Post-Viral Syndromes


What is the Perrin Technique?


The Perrin Technique™ was developed in 1989 by Dr Raymond Perrin PhD, a now renowned British osteopath. The technique involves the stimulation of the lymphatic system of the brain to promote adequate drainage of neurotoxins and other malfeasants from the central nervous system.  To offer Perrin technique™ therapies to clients, I have been trained and licensed by Dr Perrin himself and am now committed to providing this cutting-edge method for clients in Eastbourne.

In 2017, a clinical trial sponsored and controlled by the NHS was performed and the results were published in the British Medical Journal in November, demonstrating the potential of the Perrin Technique™ to a wider medical audience.

According to Dr Perrin, following a COVID-19 infection, a chronic syndrome comparable to M.E. can develop – this has since been given the name Long COVID. It’s caused by an accumulation of chemicals and other toxic substances in the brain and spinal cord which can inflame the systems and lead to a dysfunction of the sympathetic nervous system. This part of the nervous system is vital for healthy lymphatic drainage.

Who Can the Perrin Technique™ Help?

The main ailments that the Perrin Technique™ is used to treat are those which cause chronic fatigue and other long-term syndromes. In recent years, the efficacy of the technique for M.E. (otherwise known as Myalgia Encephalomyelitis or more commonly, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) has become apparent, and the impact of the Perrin Technique™ in alleviating symptoms has been enormous for some of my clients.

Following the global pandemic, a certain segment of COVID sufferers developed a condition which has come to be known as Long COVID. I have myself been suffering with the post-viral syndrome and have been applying the Perrin Technique™ to help clear symptoms of lymphatic stresses to great success. I have also committed to offering help to all those dealing with the effects of Long COVID in Eastbourne and hopefully developing a treatment method that, moving forward, will end the suffering caused by the post-viral symptoms.


In the video above, you'll be able to watch Dan Baines of Jane Reynolds & Associates demonstrate the exercises he gives his patients with M.E/chronic fatigue to treat themselves between sessions.

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