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The BABY Clinic is held on Wednesday & Thursday afternoons  2 - 5pm

During the first consultation we go through you and your baby's history and Jane gathers an understanding of the issues that need resolving. She will ask about the pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. You'll discuss if there are any issues with suckling, sleeping, hiccups, yawns, poo, wind, vomiting etc and any medications that have been prescribed for baby or for Mum. Any other problems will be covered in depth, too. Then Jane will  observe your baby's head shape, breathing pattern, behaviour and reflexes, to further inform what is the cause of the problem/s. Gentle but powerful cranial osteopathic treatment is also included in this first consultation.  

2 - 4 sessions are the usual amount of treatments a baby needs, depending on how serious the issues being resolved are.

Cranial osteopathy on a newborn

Cranial Osteopathy & Cranio-Sacral Therapy for Babies

Osteopathic and Cranio-Sacral techniques are extremely powerful in the treatment of babies and children.  Babies respond very quickly, and the benefit of a small number of treatments can be game changing.


Most of the time, the baby is born perfect and there is no need for osteopathic care.  But if something did go off piste, such as a caesarian, forceps, ventouse, premature birth or problems with feeding, gentle yet powerful osteopathic techniques allow the little body to overcome its malfunction or shock and return to optimal health.

A mum of two children herself, Jane knows how it feels when your baby doesn't sleep well, acts crotchety and unsettled for no obvious reason or appears to have an uncomfortable stomach.  Sometimes the cause of these and other problems is due to the way the baby's body formed in the womb or by the birth process or when birth is intervened upon with forceps, ventouse or caesarian section.  


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D Weekes and H Wells


We are amazed by our son's transformation. He frowned a lot, would burst into tears for no apparent reason - apart from loud noises - and seemed not to be the happy little fella we knew was in there somewhere. Our five-month-old boy had two short treatments on consecutive weeks  


My wife's friend had mentioned cranial osteopathy because of her own traumatic labour delivery & was more than happy with the result. My wife then found Jane via the Internet & took him for his first appointment a week ago. Jane informed her that the frontal bone in his skull was pushing downwards. That explained the frowning and discomfort we saw. He is now the happy lad we'd glimpsed. He's very calm, feeds & sleeps well, is great laugh & thoroughly entertaining !! We couldn't be happier.


                                                  We have no hesitation in recommending Jane's services.

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J Stedall

Our daughter was suffering from colic, and by colic, I mean unrelenting crying for the majority of her awake time. I took her to see Jane, as I had had a ventouse delivery, and wondered whether it was residual headaches causing the crying.
Jane detected that work was needed to be done with the suck reflex, and we had three sessions in total. The idea being that strengthening this reflex helps the cranium settle with less tension and pressure.
The result is that now, if she is crying we are usually able to figure out the cause, or at least console her. Much less crying!!
I have no idea how the treatment actually works, all I know is that our daughter is a lot happier.

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Harriet Sinclair

I took my daughter to see Jane as she was not sleeping very much or for very long at all. She would have times when she would get very upset and seem unsettled and I wasn’t sure why. Jane is lovely and obviously very knowledgeable too. After the first appointment my daughter seemed much more settled in general and every now and then would have a longer sleep, and this continued to improve after our second appointment. She had a traumatic birth which ended in a forceps delivery and as a result the plates in her head and especially on her forehead were slightly in the wrong place which caused her to frown a lot of the time. This stopped not long after our first appointment. Jane also suggested probiotics as she had antibiotics after birth, and these seemed to help with her tummy troubles too! I have a much more chilled baby now who sleeps a lot more. I highly recommend a visit to Jane, especially if you’ve had a long or traumatic birth!

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Abby Moshref

Janie treated our son, she was wonderful with him. He was so relaxed when with her and seemed to enjoy the treatment.
Since our sessions with Janie our son has been much more content and happy.
Janie was honest about the amount of treatments we would need and how she could help, highly recommended!

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Abi Stratford

My son has been seeing Janie since a week old following a forceps delivery that left him extremely bruised, swollen and in shock. Almost 3 months and 3 appointments later, he is like a different baby. Vast and immediate improvements from her work from releasing tight diaphragm to calming exaggerated reflexes. She is very honest, professional and soothing. Very much recommended!!

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James Byrne

Janie was very patient with our son and adapted in order make him feel calm and comfortable. We have seen a great deal of progress in our son's sleep since attending the Jane's clinic and feel very happy with the over all care.

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Helen Evason

My son was born with a very flat head so we took him to see Janie when he was 9months. She has been absolutely brilliant with him. He doesn't like to be still and she completely adapted to this. We even did one session in the garden as he enjoyed looking at the plants. The difference it has made to the shape of his head has been amazing. I would definitely recommend


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Natalie Voce

Cranial Osteopathy for baby - my nearly 9 month old was a terrible sleeper, up pretty much every 2ish hours every night since he was born. Thought I'd give cranial osteopathy a try and Janie has worked wonders. After 3 sessions, my baby pretty much sleeps through with maybe 1 wake up during the night if he is hungry.

Highly recommend. Thank you Janie.

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