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Pain, Agitation and Discomfort in Babies 

Jane Reynolds, osteopath, has been treating babies for twenty years, with cranial osteopathy.


Cranial osteopathy is concerned with the arrangements of the parts of the body and their movements. This arrangement is formed in embryo, the foetus in the womb and is also affected by the birth process, where the baby is naturally pushed by powerful muscles through a narrow passage within the vagina.


Most of the time, the baby is born perfect and there is no need for osteopathic care. Sometimes, however, restrictions in the movement available to the baby in the womb or something going wrong during birth can disrupt the functioning of the baby’s body or movement.


The use of forceps, ventouse or caesarean section can shock or distort the new system. I try to understand what has gone wrong and why, and use very gentle yet powerful osteopathic techniques to allow the little body to overcome its malfunction. Mechanical disorders have a profound effect on the functioning of all body systems, and are important to encourage optimum health for a lifetime.

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