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What do the patients say?

Kirsty T

Jane has honestly been my saviour.

I have been having treatment from her since January this year. For a whole year before my treatment started I had been experiencing nerve pain and headaches, I felt like my life had stopped. After seeing lots of Drs and specialists, trying lots of different prescription meds with horrid side effects, I decided to try a different approach with Jane. This was the best decision I made, She is the only person who was able to really listen and understand my symptoms, she helped my anxiety by explaining what was actually happening to me and why I was experiencing all the symptoms I felt. I’m now in a much better place and although my treatment is ongoing, I have my life back and able to go about daily life in much less pain. I thoroughly recommend Jane, she is professional, caring and worth every penny.
Thank you Jane

Kirsty T

Olivia R

Meeting Jane and Daniel has been been overwhelming but I really feel like for the first time in my life I am getting better, and fast!! It is also the first time that any diagnosis has just felt ‘right’ and really explained the way that I experience the pain. Thank you both so much for explaining it like this because it makes it all less scary and feel way more manageable.

The taping has also been amazing. I have showed the photos to my mum now and I think she will be able to do it... I feel more comfortable with the tape on so I am really pleased with it!

Thank you loads , you are the best osteopaths I have ever known and I have looked all over the South East. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this!


I had five sessions with Jane and I can honestly say the overall results were life changing. After each session, my life got a little bit better. The tightness in my body started to ease and I felt more able to make decisions I had previously been struggling with. Highly recommended.


"Daniel has a dogged determination to find the root cause of your problems."

Seng Loy

Over the last 2 years, I suffered from Lower back and hip pain, upper shoulder tension and tennis elbow .I have seen numerous practitioners ( chiropractors, acupuncture, sports massage, shihtzu massage , NHS muscular exercise ) regarding my back pain with no success. This has cost me thousands of £££ Having read the reviews of Jane, I thought I'd give this a last shot or just accept it and live with the pain. Jane was very thorough and just after 3 treatments, my pain is gone. I could not believe it and my advice to other back sufferers , Before going to see other practitioner, which I have done over the last 2 years, Give Jane a try and you will not be disappointed. Seng Loy

Donna Keenan

 was recommended to Jane and I so wished I had gone to see her earlier. Previously I had visited other chiropractors and osteopaths for a back issue and they could not get to the root of the problem. At the first consultation Jane identified the areas which were causing me to be in pain. By this stage I had been in agony for months and with Jane's caring approach I felt there was light at the end of the tunnel. Since the treatment I have been pain free for months. Jane really is amazing at her job and truly cares about her patients.

After just two treatments with Jane the chronic nerve pain through out my body has disappeared. After a fall fourteen years ago I have bulging discs in my lower spine, also after another MRI scan I have scoliosis and spondylosis. I've had appointment after appointment with doctors, physiotherapist in the NHS and private and lots of other treatments that have had no effect, only to take painkillers and have an operation. The exercises I got made the pain worst. The nerve pain all over my body was so painful I could not wear normal clothes and would have panic attacts when I need to go somewhere. My life changed for the worst as i was in constant pain. Jane understood my problem straight away and I had accupunture and she pin pointed exactly where the pain was coming from and treated me. After my second appointment the stabbing nerve pain is gone and I have a new lease of life. Jane is an extremely knowledgeable practitioner and very understanding. I can't thank her enough for giving me back my life when I had lost all hope. I have been blessed to have met her. Thank you. 

Patricia Jalel

Profile Photo

D Weekes and H Wells, proud new parents!

We are amazed by our son's transformation. He frowned a lot, would burst into tears for no apparent reason - apart from loud noises - and seemed not to be the happy little fella we knew was in there somewhere. Our five-month-old boy had two short treatments on consecutive weeks  


My wife's friend had mentioned cranial osteopathy because of her own traumatic labour delivery & was more than happy with the result. My wife then found Jane via the Internet & took him for his first appointment a week ago. Jane informed her that the frontal bone in his skull was pushing downwards. That explained the frowning and discomfort we saw. He is now the happy lad we'd glimpsed. He's very calm, feeds & sleeps well, is great laugh & thoroughly entertaining !! We couldn't be happier.


We have no hesitation in recommending Jane's services.

D Instone

After only one session of Pain Management, my persistent neck pain vanished and has yet to re-appear! Brilliant result so I am hugely looking forward to more!

Jane is the most gifted and skilled osteopath. I trusted her completely and am now living a normal pain-free life.

J Simpson

Baby Photography

Our daughter was suffering from colic, and by colic, I mean unrelenting crying for the majority of her awake time. I took her to see Jane, as I had had a ventouse delivery, and wondered whether it was residual headaches causing the crying.


Jane detected that work was needed to be done with the suck reflex, and we had three sessions in total. The idea being that strengthening this reflex helps the cranium settle with less tension and pressure.

The result is that now, if she is crying we are usually able to figure out the cause, or at least console her. Much less crying!!


I have no idea how the treatment actually works, all I know is that our daughter is a lot happier.

J Stedall

N Vincent

Excellent experience. I Felt so much better after just one treatment and very clear explanation of how best to proceed.


Very pleasant and easy to access treatment room. I would recommend Jane.

After a single treatment and I haven't had any more pain.  I would recommend her. It is amazing and I wish I had known about osteopathy a long time ago.

A Wallace

Helen P

Janie is a wizard. She's been seeing me for chronic shoulder and neck pain. She has a very holistic approach and has noticed issues that other professionals including physiotherapists have not. She did an adjustment recently which made a world of difference to my pain and in combination with this therapy has also done acupuncture on a ganglion cyst which was at the point of needing surgery but now is managed miraculously well with acupuncture. I think Janie has a special skill and sixth sense as an osteopath, which is why in my mind she is a wizard.

C Ayres

After years of back pain and secondary muscular pain in right side I have attended a number of professionals in both France and the UK. None have honestly improved my pain.  


At last I have found an Osteopath called Jane who is working her magic on my poor body.  Jane is both highly professional and extremely empathic.  Her ability to listen to her patient and work on her patient's body at a level which improves gradually with careful attention is excellent.


Thank you Jane for all your hard massaging and laughter!

I hobbled into Jane's office with severe lower back pain which had incapacitated me to the point of not really being able to get off the sofa.  After just one visit I was able to move around again.


Two visits later I am now on a path to having a healthy back, Jane has diagnosed and set out an exercise program to secure this.


Aside from Jane being an extremely proficient Osteopath, she is also a very kind and understanding person....A pleasure to interact with.

C Nichol 

Nina V

Jane is professional and knowledgable, I was very confident in my treatment.  I left the clinic feeling so much better and will go for a treatment every 1/2 months to ensure that I am in optimum health.


We often take more care of our cars than our bodies but our bodies serve us for longer!

I have known Jane for several years. My first encounter with her was when I was almost unable to walk into her house.  After examining me and asking me questions etc, she had me lay down on the couch and with several moves things went back into place and I walked out almost normal.


Again after an accident at work I had several sessions with her - again successful.  Very recently again with a back problem, Jane sorted it out.


So after all this I would recommend Jane to anyone, She is knowledgeable, professional and full of empathy to her patients.

Wendy M

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