Head & Neck Pain

Sudden neck pain is usually the result of a twisted muscle or joint in the neck. Although very painful to turn the neck, this is nothing to worry about. Osteopaths can treat the condition quickly and effectively with osteopathy, advice and stretching.


Neck ache (lasting more than 3 months) is usually caused by wear and tear, trigger points (knots or taut bands in specific muscles of the neck) or both. Osteopaths can treat both conditions quickly and effectively with osteopathy, advice and stretching, as well as acupuncture. Wear and tear in your neck can not be reversed but the health of and movement within the affected parts can be improved wth osteopathy,  relieving pain and slowing down the degenerative process.


Headaches on both sides of the head are generally caused by tension and trigger points in the neck muscles and/or temples. Osteopaths treat these effectively with deep massage and trigger point therapy to the shoulders, neck and head, stretching and medical acupuncture. There are several reasons for headaches. Most are not serious and can simply be helped by changes in lifestyle.


One-sided headaches are usually caused by dysfunction of the neck. Osteopaths treat this effectively with osteopathy for the neck and shoulders, deep massage of the innermost muscles of the upper spine, trigger point therapy, medical acupuncture and stretching.


The Epley manoeuvre and BPPV

Vertigo is described as ‘when it is like the room is spinning around you’.  Janie uses a technique called the Epley Manoeuvre to treat vertigo. Your doctor may have diagnosed you with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), a condition caused by small fragments of debris in the ear canal. The Epley manoeuvre involves performing four separate head movements to move the fragments that cause vertigo to a place where they no longer cause symptoms. Your symptoms should improve shortly after the Epley manoeuvre is performed, although it may take up to two weeks for a complete recovery. The Epley manoeuvre isn't usually a long-term cure and may need to be repeated.


Dizziness is described as ‘when it is like you are spinning round in the room’.  It can be caused by low blood pressure or a restriction between the base of the skull and the first spinal bone (vertebra). Osteopathic release of this joint can cause dizziness to cease, if this is the cause.

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