Cranial Osteopathy

What is Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy for babies Eastbourne

Osteopathic techniques are extremely powerful in the treatment of babies and children.  Young people respond more quickly than adults and the benefit of a few treatments can be game changing.


The most common conditions treated in young people are back pain, headaches, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot or ankle pain and discomfort and lack of movement around the ribs associated with asthma.

A mum of two children herself, Jane knows how it feels when your baby doesn't sleep well, acts crotchety and unsettled for no obvious reason or appears to have an uncomfortable stomach.  Sometimes the cause of these and other problems is due to the way the baby's body formed in the womb or by the birth process, where the baby is naturally pushed by powerful muscles through a narrow passage within the vagina or when birth is intervened upon with forceps, ventouse or caesarian section.


Most of the time, the baby is born perfect and there is no need for osteopathic care.  But if something did go wrong, gentle yet powerful osteopathic techniques allow the little body to overcome its malfunction or shock.