Leg & Foot Pain

Pain down the back, side or front of the leg is usually caused by a “trapped” nerve, or “slipped disc” in the low back or buttock. This often reaches down to the back of the knee and on to the sole of the foot. You may or may not have back pain at the same time. An osteopath can treat both conditions effectively with deep massage of the back or buttock, trigger point therapy, osteopathic manipulation and/or medical acupuncture. Both a slipped disc, and a “trapped nerve” in the back can be extremely painful and need careful management. Sometimes the pain develops after heavy lifting, an injury or fall, but sometimes symptoms can just appear as if from nowhere. The leg symptoms are caused by an irritated nerve in the back where the injury is. If you think you have a slipped disc, please rest, apply ice for 6 minutes 4 times a day to your low back on the painful side and see your GP or myself as soon as possible.


Pain under the soles of both feet that gives a burning sensation is known as plantar fasciitis. This can be relieved with trigger point therapy, osteopathy and sometimes medical acupuncture, but some adjustments to lifestyle may also be required such as a change of footwear and a period of rest.