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Personal Training

Daniel Baines, M.OST, offers both face-to-face and online 'telehealth' personal training sessions at Jane Reynolds and Associates in Eastbourne. Daniel is passionate about the ongoing fitness of clients and believes in the importance of personal training to overall wellbeing – physical and mental.

Fitness Training in Our Eastbourne Clinic

Personal training can give you the drive to unlock your strength and fitness potential. With Daniel, you can discover what it feels like to be in your best physical condition; you can look down on a flat stomach, run without wheezing, hit a golf ball further without your back hurting the next day, or just keep up with the kids or grandchildren. Whatever your fitness goals, at our Eastbourne osteopathy clinic we’ll help you achieve and exceed it through guided and tailored personal training.

Whether you’ve worked with Daniel already to overcome an injury or increase mobility at our Eastbourne osteopathic clinic, or you just want to increase your personal fitness, you’ve come to the right place.

With bespoke personal training sessions tailored to your personal goals, ambitions and abilities, you will be taken on a journey of self-discovery and understanding about your body and the things that you can do. Whether you want to improve your strength, mobility, or overall cardio and health, get in touch with us.  We are always delighted to see new faces for personal fitness classes and can’t wait to start working with you - online or face-to-face - at our clinic in Old Town, Eastbourne..

It’s all about enhancing your quality of life, increasing your self-confidence and of course looking great! You are the greatest asset that you will ever own. Let’s focus on realising that true potential!

Mind and Body Healthcare

Physical fitness gained through personal training in our Eastbourne clinic can have long-term benefits for our clients. Often, we recommend that some courses of physical fitness training can follow the treatments for pain we offer to ensure the continued wellbeing of clients. Following osteopathic treatments, having sessions with our personal trainer Dan can help to reinforce the healing and instil good habits moving forward.

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Get in touch with our team today, whether you’ve recently received osteopathic treatments or not. If you’re in Eastbourne and thinking of an affordable, professional person trainer, think no more than Jane Reynolds and Associates. We can help with convenient services tailored to your level of fitness and begin the journey to an improved sense of personal fitness. Get in touch to check availabilities, or use our online booking system below.