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The Team

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Jane Reynolds

BSc Hons OST,  BA Hons


Jane has been a practicing osteopath for over 20 years and is fully registered with the Institute of Osteopathy and the General Osteopathic Council.  She is also a medical acupuncturist and sometimes uses acupuncture to strengthen the effects of traditional osteopathic techniques. She qualified in cranio-sacral therapy at the prestigious Upledger Institute in 2002 and in Mindfulness and Acceptance Practice, a mindfulness-based therapy for chronic pain and anxiety in 1994. Before moving to Eastbourne in 2016 she mainly practised in Brighton and Hove but also in Arundel, and Pulborough.

Jane particularly welcomes complex cases where many factors have led to a breakdown in health, and cases where conventional medicine has not provided an answer. It doesn't matter if you're 9 days or 90 years, Jane would like to help you get better.


Jane has specialised in the treatment of headaches and the treatment of nerve pain and chronic fatigue/post-viral fatigue syndromes. She is also fascinated by the role of diet in the development of inflammation/pain in the body.

Before entering osteopathic school Jane worked as a journalist before moving into animal protection for the World Society for the Protection of Animals and as press officer for the RSPCA.



Daniel Baines


They call Daniel "The Magic Man" in Hastings, where he lives and also works. Now we are lucky enough to have him here in Eastbourne!

Dan gained a Masters degree in Osteopathy at the London School of Osteopathy in 2014. After having to retire due to injury, from a glamorous career as a dancer with the internationally celebrated dance troupe 'STOMP' (see Dan on one hand in pic below!), he pursued a career in osteopathy and movement therapy to not only heal himself but better understand the nature of injury and healing.


Since then he has further qualified as a Kinesiologist (see 'Kinesiology' under 'All services') a hynotherapist (see 'Hypnotherapy') a Movement therapist (see 'Anatomy in Motion') a personal trainer (see 'Personal Training') and a

practitioner of Functional Medicine (see 'Functional Medicine') a system biology-based approach that identifies and addresses the root cause of disease. Daniel likes to work with anyone and everyone, whether it is to move them out of discomfort or to help them optimise the way their body functions and feels. He treats traditionally with osteopathy as well as bringing some muscle testing and kinesiology into his diagnosis. He is passionate about enabling his patients to move freely and offers suggestions as to how to keep well and improve their movement between visits. 


He can also offer the best advice based on functional medicine and breath-work and might even suggest a sprinkling of clinical hypnosis if appropriate and if consent is given! 


Dan lives in Hastings with his wife and young son.

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