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Shoulder Pain

Pain at the front of the shoulder is usually caused by tendonitis. This can last for many years and usually won’t resolve on its own. It is a stubborn condition to treat but osteopaths can usually treat it effectively with deep massage to the muscles of the arm and shoulder, osteopathy for the shoulder and/or medical acupuncture, and stretching. Trigger points (knots or taut bands in specific muscles) in the shoulder muscles are usually involved and an osteopath who uses medical acupuncture can treat this effectively.


A sudden, intense pain in the front, back or side of the shoulder during or after exercise can be caused by a tear of one of the rotator cuff muscles. You should ice the area and visit your doctor or an osteopath as soon as possible.


Tension at the back of the shoulders, under the shoulder blades and up the back of the neck is usually caused by muscle tension and trigger points (knots or taut bands in specific muscles) which can be effectively treated with osteopathy, deep massage to the shoulders and neck, trigger point therapy and stretching.


If your shoulder has seized up, causing pain and limited movements, you probably have Frozen Shoulder Syndrome, also known as Adhesive Capsulitis. Frozen Shoulder Syndrome (FSS) is among the most severe, painful and debilitating shoulder conditions. It can be treated effectively with a course of treatment involving deep massage and stretching of the shoulder and arm muscles, trigger point techniques and osteopathy.


Night pain in the shoulder that may wake you or makes it painful to sleep on that side is usually caused by inflammation in the shoulder joint. This could be the beginning of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome so it is important you see your osteopath or your doctor. You may also be experiencing occasional sharp pains in the shoulder.

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