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What Can an Osteopath Do for Back Pain?

Back pain, in particular chronic lower back pain, can be one of the most debilitating forms of pain. It can stop you from exercising, playing with your kids or grandkids, even walking and moving about as normal. At our Eastbourne osteopathic clinic, we’ve seen severe back pain cases that have impacted the lives of our clients to extreme degrees. No two cases are the same, so we offer a range of services aimed at different aspects of treatment, from alleviating the symptoms to dealing with the root causes.

Treating the Symptoms of Back Pain

We believe that the best way to treat back pain is to get rid of it. An osteopath can help to get to the source of pain, working closely with you and your body to find the areas that could be causing pain. Our clinical osteopaths have a range of diagnostic tools at their disposal, from our kinesiology courses aimed at finding and correcting faults in the central nervous system processing, to movement therapy designed to correct minor issues with motion that can lead to larger problems and pain elsewhere. Osteopathic methods for handling the sources of back pain can be extremely efficient and effective when administered professionally and with a respect for other treatment streams.

Alleviating the Symptoms of Back Pain

At Jane Reynolds and Associates, we offer medically-backed acupuncture treatments which can help to ease pain caused by a variety of issues in the back. Our acupuncture courses follow the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines on chronic back pain to ensure that we deal with our clients’ pain effectively and in line with medical guidance. Osteopathic treatments can be an effective way to alleviate the symptoms of back pain, and at our Eastbourne clinic we aim to give clients the choice to deal with the pain immediately while treating the underlying causes.

Find Out More About Back Pain Treatment in Eastbourne

We provide a range of solutions for chronic back pain at Jane Reynolds and Associates. If you’re suffering from ongoing discomfort, aches, or distress as a result of your condition, get in touch with us today to find out how our trained and experienced osteopaths can help you. We’re always more than happy to talk through our procedures and offer our expert advice on the best course forward.

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