Kinesiology (aka P-DTR)

Daniel Baines M.OST of Jane Reynolds & Associates uses Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex therapy (also referred to as P-DTR) to diagnose and treat problems occurring within your nervous system.


Dan uses muscle testing to assess and treat your nervous system. Simply (ish) put, we have nerve receptors around our body which continually feed back information to the brain about what is going on. We have nerve receptors that monitor stretch, pain, temperature and even tickle and itch sensations. Once the brain receives this information it then processes it and sends back a message to the muscles to act. For instance if we burn our hand, the heat receptors in the hand send a message to the brain, and our brain sends a message back to the muscles of the arm and hand saying “WITHDRAW!”. This is a marvellous system, however where we start to encounter problems is when the receptors send back faulty information to the brain. Faulty information in results in faulty information out, which can lead to muscle weakness, pain and unwanted compensation.