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Osteopaths can remain open during the latest national lockdown restrictions. You can feel entirely safe making a new appointment or continuing to attend one already booked.

"I felt almost immediate pain relief after just my first appointment. Amazing!"

Are you in pain?

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How Can an Osteopath help you?


Gentle hands-on techniques to ease discomfort, reduce pain, increase mobility and relax! Everyone can benefit in many ways from osteopathic treatment. An osteopath is a highly trained healthcare professional with a thorough understanding of pain and disease. An osteopath will trace the cause of your discomfort as well as provide you with hands-on yet gentle treatment to increase your mobility, reduce pain and therefore increase your mental well-being. This can keep you away from your doctor's and takes the strain off the NHS. Osteopaths are compassionate, skilled professionals, government regulated and governed by regulations that ensure they maintain a high level of proficiency and expertise in their work. They originally trained for a minimum of 4 years to BSc level and have often trained to post-graduate level.

If any of your joints feel stiff, or your muscles hurt, you might find walking is difficult, it's hard to do your job, looking after the family is getting challenging or you don't feel you can go on holiday. Just a few situations an osteopath will get you out of. Osteopathic treatment also enhances your state of mind, brings with it an increase in energy and a sense of calm.

Maybe you have fallen and injured yourself? An osteopath will get you healing and, therefore, moving quicker and better. again. Months of lockdown have affected us all in different ways. You will probably be feeling stiffer, more stressed and maybe in more pain. You may be resorting to pain-killers again, that aren't even working! An osteopath will offer you not just hands on relief but a clear diagnosis of your problem so you understand what's going on .  

Osteopathy is enjoyable and effective. Techniques include manipulation, deep tissue massage and stretching and, if necessary, high-velocity thrust techniques, or “clicking/crunching".  Back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, leg and hip pain, foot and ankle pain, wrist and arm pain, frozen shoulder, trapped nerves, slipped disc, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many others conditions can be relieved quickly and often permanently.

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What do the patients say?

K. Gostelow, Brighton

Came to Jane because of back and heel problems during my pregnancy. I found the sessions very informative and felt taken care of - my pains were individually addressed and I have felt a lot better as a result of them.

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L. Weekes and C. Wells, Brighton

We are amazed by our son's transformation. He frowned a lot, would burst into tears for no apparent reason - apart from loud noises - and seemed not to be the happy little fella we knew was in there somewhere.  Our five-month-old boy had two short treatments on consecutive weeks.   Read More >

Nicki Jones, Brighton

I have found Jane's treatment to be effective in not only relieving pain, but more significantly, it has educated me on the causes behind the back issues I presented with.  A combination of hands-on treatment and careful postural changes have really made all the difference 

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